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Studded Snow Tires for Bicycles

Green Energy Times Staff

Proper snow tires are important for those riding bicycles through the New England winter. The sorts of tires usually found on mountain bikes will not quite do. They are fine on many surfaces, but we have to plan for ice. Snow tires for bicycles should have studs. Our expert friends say this is best.

Fortunately, studded snow tires for bicycles are not all that difficult to find. Many bike shops carry them. They come in a variety of sizes, as one might expect, but also in different price ranges. The expensive ones are much better quality. The best snows for bikes may be the ones with tungsten carbide studs. While these might cost twice as much as the ones with steel studs, they will last many times longer.

Moisture always accumulates between the studs and the rubber. Road moisture in the winter often has salt in it, and when it is trapped next to steel, the studs rust very quickly. Once they start to rust, they get loose and can pop out. It is possible for a bicycle to start losing studs from its tires during their first season.

Tungsten carbide does not rust. It is also very hard and does not wear easily. A set of snows with tungsten carbide studs can last for years and may be a really smart investment for anyone who will ride a bike through the winter.

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