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Queen City Pops

Carson sistersGreen Energy Times staff

Sarah Carson claims she was raised on a diet of chocolate and ice pops. Whether we take this as hyperbole or not, one thing is certain – she has made herself expert on the things she loves.

Seeking more knowledge and experience, she studied with an accomplished chocolatier in Michigan, and then she started experimenting at home to perfect the flavors she wanted. Her ingredients were organic and natural, and her standards were high. She persisted in the experimentation for three years.

In 2014, she brought her work to the public with a new business, Queen City Pops. Sarah brought to market products proudly calls decadent. To get an idea of what they are like, you might best imagine a frozen chocolate truffle on a stick. If you really want to know what they are like, you will have to try one for yourself. They are available at some local stores and catered events.

Queen City Pops has more to interest us than their products, however. The pops are sold from two solar-powered freezer carts at the Burlington Farmers Market, a Friday night food truck gathering, and a waterfront location overlooking Lake Champlain. Sarah’s husband is an engineer, and devised the apparatus used to charge the carts. The whole operation has people talking.

solar powered pop cart_v2Local people are not the only ones who have noticed. In September, Queen City Pops was able to announce that it had been named a finalist in Martha Stewart Living’s “American Made” awards competition, which honors makers, craftspeople, small-business owners and innovators across the United States.  The “American Made” program celebrates 10 rising stars from four areas including food, design, crafts and style. Winners will be announced on October 17 and will be honored guests at a celebratory event in New York City on November 7-8.

We should mention that Queen City Pops is not the only Vermont company to be a finalist in the “American Made” awards competition. Fortuna’s Sausage is also in the running. We wish them both the best.

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