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Eat Local This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season on the horizon, now is the time to stock up on all of your holiday goodies. Farmstands are overflowing with goodness: from sweet fall storage veggies, to crisp greens such as kale and collards, brussel sprouts to fresh and local cheeses, meats, and eggs. Many variety of apples are grown in our region – perfect for apple pies – and ice cream from local creameries.

Bring something new to your Thanksgiving table this year, such as our Winter Squash recipe on p. 20!

Your freezer may include your own frozen peas, corn, green beans, broccoli, and blueberries from this year. You can often also get frozen organic veggies at coops.

We are fortunate to live in VT where genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must now be labeled, so we can feel confident to get better foods for the holidays here. Be sure to shop local!.

There are a number of farmer’s markets that still operate in throughout the winter. Order a locally raised Turkey or try your creativity with a Vegan holiday.  There are many recipes and ideas on the internet to get your creative juices flowing.

And if you choose to eat out, there are many local restaurants that support local and organic in our region. Each issue of Green Energy Times features different places that we recommend in our Dining …in the Green section.

Happy Harvest Season and be sure to enjoy a healthy, happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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