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Yelp Vermont Event Honors Vermont Food Finalists of Martha Stewart American Made Awards

The Yelp “Vermont Made” Roundup is happening on Friday, September 26 from 5-730pm (approximately) at Arts Riot in Burlington, VT.

So far 9 out of the 10 Vermont food finalists for the Martha Stewart American Made Awards have confirmed they will attend.

The goal of this event is to increase awareness of the Vermont finalist food companies and the Martha Stewart American Made Awards.  In doing so, the hope is to get the local companies more local consumer awareness and more votes for the social media portion of the awards.

The finalists will provide samples of their products for at least 250 people, mingle with attendees and also be selling their products.

The Roundup is also the night of the Arts Riot Truck Stop, so there should be a lot of crossover between the two events, but the Yelp event will be held inside the building.

The event invite is at this link.

Attendance is free for those who sign up via the Yelp event page or check in via the Yelp app at the door.

Finalists attending:

Queen City Pops
Daily Chocolate
Fortuna Sausage
Tonewood Maple
Nutty Steph’s
Vermont Farmstead
Whitney’s Castleton Crackers
Vermont Maple Sriracha
Fat Toad Farm
Maplebrook Farm (possibly)

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