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Solar 101 Info Session


Join me & Dave from the Newbury Village Store for a question & answer session about how to go solar at Thistle Cafe. I’ll answer all your questions about how solar works in Vermont, what makes a good solar site, and how federal and state incentives and SunCommon’s innovative financing programs have finally brought solar within reach of everyone.

*there will be snacks!!

Here are the details!

What: Solar 101 Info Session!
Where: Thistle Cafe, Newbury Village Store
When: Wednesday, September 24th @ 6pm

Join us to mingle with your community & to learn more about
going solar at no upfront cost!


Hope to see you there,

Taylor Ralph
Solar Organizer
(802) 274-4756

SunCommon believes that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and safer world. Our mission is to tear down the barriers that have made renewable energy inaccessible. We intend to repower our communities one home, one school, and one business at a time. We make going solar easy and affordable so that all Vermonters can together create a healthy environment and safer world.

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