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From the American Wind Energy Association:

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AWEA buttonCongress was out for a long summer recess.  They’ve been back in session for less than two weeks.  And now, they’re planning to head out for election preparations.  Tomorrow.

By leaving early, they’re leaving our renewable energy policies  hanging.  The last chance that they’ll have to extend these policies is in November, when they return for the “lame duck” session.

Please reach out today and remind your elected officials that they’ve pushed off the extension of the renewable energy tax incentives long enough – taking action must be a priority when they return in November.

The renewable energy policies in question are the production tax credit (PTC) and investment tax credit (ITC).  These incentives have proven themselves as effective policies to drive the industry forward.  With the support of the PTC and ITC, the wind industry has:

  • Grown to provide over 4% of U.S. electricity, powering over 15 million homes nationwide;
  • Invested $15 billion annually in the American economy; and
  • Supported an average of 73,000 construction, manufacturing, and other well-paying jobs.

American wind investments, jobs, and overall progress toward a cleaner environment, is at risk.  In previous years when Congress has failed to extend these credits, investments have dropped by 92% and tens of thousands of hard-working individuals have been laid off.

Please speak up today.  Tell your federal legislators that you haven’t forgotten about the work that they have yet to do.  Click here to urge them to make the renewable energy tax credit extensions their top priority for the lame duck session.

And, if you happen to see your federal legislators at home this campaign season, please be sure to ask them where they stand on this issue.

Thank you, as always, for supporting American wind power!


Aaron Severn
Senior Director, Federal Legislative Affairs
American Wind Energy Association

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