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Addison County Transit Resources is seeking proposals


Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR), a Vermont non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, is seeking proposals for the design, installation and maintenance of a solar electrical system optimized for the Community Transportation Center (CTC) at 297 Creek Road, Middlebury, Vermont. The CTC was designed to support a rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System (PV). The building’s electrical system was designed and installed to be “PV ready.” ACTR has grant money in hand for this project and intends to maximize the potential wattage based on current and future load demands using the best available photovoltaic technology. The contractor will need to design and build a Solar PV System subject to all applicable federal and state regulations and local permits.

Proposals are due on October 2 to: 

Angela McCluskey, and Nadine Canter Barnicle,

Addison County Transit Resources | P.O. Box 532, 297 Creek Road, Middlebury VT 05753 | (802) 388- 2287

Click here for the Full ACTR Proposal or visit



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