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The Green Office Challenge is Met

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An office of the international engineering firm, Thornton Tomasetti’s was been ranked among the top 10 most sustainable offices in the Chicago area in the 2013 Chicago Green Office Challenge. The competition was stiff, as 267 Chicago companies vied for the top honors.

Among their areas of focus, Thornton Tomasetti does investigation and analysis of projects of all sizes and complexity. They look at building structure, building skin, and construction support services with a view to building performance and the full life cycle of a structure. This put the competition in their area of expertise.

The ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability partnered with the city of Chicago to found the Chicago Green Office Challenge in 2008. ICLEI is an association whose membership includes more than 1,100 local governments whose interests it represents at the United Nations, international policy forums, and elsewhere.

They created the Green Office Challenge to encourage friendly competition among companies to create and display ways to reduce environmental impacts of the offices.

Thornton Tomasetti’s Chicago office focused on improvement in several areas of performance. They started with an energy audit so they could find energy hogs and eliminate them. They started a composting program. They spread the word on efficiency and sustainability to employees, who began recycling paper, plastic and electronics. In addition to learning about the environmental costs of these products, employees were brought to understand the issues with commuting, so the environmental impacts of travel could be reduced.

Rachel Michelin, a senior project architect and one of the Chicago office green champions at Thornton Tomasetti, said this of the company’s efforts, “Thornton Tomasetti prides itself on being at the forefront of sustainability, both in our offices and on our projects. The Chicago Green Office Challenge was a great opportunity for the Chicago office to showcase the firm’s commitment to practicing in the office the same techniques we put into reality through our Sustainability practice.”

Learn more about The City of Chicago Green Office Challenge at or Start your own Green Office Challenge, and let us know how you have reduced your business’s carbon footprint:



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