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Meet Luci

A Product Review by N. R. Mallery

Luci is a neat new micro solar powered LED lantern.  It is waterproof, re-chargeable, durable, sustainable, convenient, versatile, bright and can even be stylish.

I came across this unique light at Solarfest this year. The more I learned about it, the more I realized how amazing they really are.

Photo:  Stephanie Berger.

Photo: Stephanie Berger.

Ideal to take in a backpack, while hiking, camping, in a kayak, these lanterns are portable, functional and fun. It was great to see them spinning around while the music played at the event, but later to see them lighting the way to the campsites, in the tents or en route to the outhouse….

I am really taken by this simple product. When not in use, it can be deflated, so it would easlily fit on the dash of your car, a windowsill, on top of your tent, backpack, or on a sunny windowsill.  When night comes, you’re all set – even if that happens when you are out in the middle of a lake. – Did I mention that they are waterproof?

Luci is easy-to-use, as a lantern and task light. She’s elegant, light-weight, and maintenance-free.

One 8 hour charge gives you 12 hours of light. With climate change and the uncertainty due to the storms – here is a solution to keep your world lit up.

Keep in an emergency kit and in your car.

There are 3 models: the Aura, the Lux and the Outdoor version.

The Aura is a color changing, versatile lantern with a bit of a romantic ambience to it.This inflatable solar lantern has 7 changing colors that are fun in the pool, at a barbeque, or even on a kayak or boat at night.

The Outdoor version is the best for camping, backpacking and all rugged activities. Again, this one also has 3 options built into it – bright, brighter and blinking. Just think if you were lost in the woods and needed a way to signal for help!

The third choice is the Lux version, which is actually my favorite, since it’s the best one for reading, is good outdoors and also on a boat, and for when you really need to see your way – bright, yet warm with the frosted finish. It also has a button for bright, brighter, or blinking.

All this and yet It still g.e.t.s better: The MPOWERD Company is a mission-based small team that is out to light up the world and bring light where it has never been before.

For safety, for fun, for work and play – this fun LED lantern is a must-have for me. As part of an emergency kit or during the cleanup from a disaster or to read by in your tent out in the deep wilderness. I think they could even be used on a bicycle!

So, help light up the world with clean renewable lighting! Check them out at or give them a call at 1 844-MPOWERD.

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