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Green Energy Options

Keene, New Hampshire

Green Energy Options is a Solar Store in Keene, New Hampshire. It is run by owner Pablo Fleischman, and provides a wide-ranging set of products and services.

Fleischman has a long history with efficiency and renewable energy. Shortly after moving to New Hampshire, he designed and built a house heated entirely by firewood and without any electricity at all. He and his wife, Valerie, wanted to have the smallest environmental impact possible. A growing family led him to install a small solar photovoltaic system with battery backup. Today, the kids have all grown up and left the nest, but Pablo and Valerie are still living off the grid.

A life without grid ties makes renewable energy a very personal issue for him. When the opportunity came that he could have his own Solar Store, he took it, and Green Energy Options opened in April of 2007. “Opening a Solar Store is my attempt at doing something personally meaningful, while making a difference in the world,” Fleischman said. The time is right and people are finally seeing the ramifications of our energy use. I will be able to show them ways to make a statement, feel good about their contribution, reduce their energy ‘footprint’ and save money at the same time.”

Not all their business is solar. Right now, the store is already getting people ready for winter, selling and installing wood stoves, pellet stoves, and pellet boilers. They sell wood stoves and boilers from at least four major manufacturers, along with high-quality pellet stoves and boilers. They also sell composting toilets and other items of interest for efficiency.

Solar PVs are, however, a major part of what any Solar Store does. Fleischman can deal with both solar PVs and solar thermal water systems, though the bulk of his sales are in PVs. He is both knowledgeable and happy to deal with off-grid installations and grid-tied systems with battery backups.

Green Energy Options’ website is The phone number is 603-358-3444.

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