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Victory in Highest NYS court!

Hello Vermont,

Our state has made history! Please read our local newspaper’s coverage of the event and statements made by locals that played a roll in this history making court ruling.  It will give you a little insight to the many different players in this fight and why we have fought so hard and long to have a say in how we want to live.

Town of Butternuts, N.Y.

The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men. ~ Plato

From The Daily Star:

Middlefield and Dryden win home rule case in Court of Appeals

Towns allowed to ban fracking

Joe Mahoney The Daily Star

Local governments in New York have the authority to zone out gas drilling, the state’s highest court decided today in a 5-2 ruling that grew out of challenges brought against fracking bans enacted by the towns of Middlefield and Dryden.

The Court of Appeals signaled in the majority decision that it was not focused on the merits of the bans but on the legal authority of the towns to keep out drilling – a move the industry claimed exceeded their authority.

“The towns both studied the issue and acted within their home rule powers in determining that gas drilling would permanently alter and adversely affect the deliberately-cultivated, small-town character of their communities,” according to the majority ruling.

The ruling erects a major barrier to the drilling industry in New York, even if Gov. Cuomo gives the green light for shale gas permits to be issued by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, as companies could not set up operations in the growing number of communities that have banned gas production.

Read more at The Daily Star.

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