Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

A Reminder from SolarFest

It seems completely crazy, but the calendar doesn’t lie, this is the weekend we open the doors on our 20th Anniversary Event!

We are working feverishly to get everything in tip top shape for all of you and we are extremely excited about all the AWESOME things going on this year. Too much to recount, in fact. So, I’ll leave you with a link to our website and encourage you to browse around and see all the great things for yourself. Hopefully you remember last week’s lesson on navigating through all the different tabs! Marshall just cited the 10 day forecast to me from across the room and the weather is looking clear for all three days – we all know that the weather is always sunny at SolarFest, so I’m not surprised! If you are on Facebook, take a look at our page, we are running a ticket special right now only on Facebook. Quantities and time are limited, so check it out now! Time is a premium, so I’m off to another project. I hope to see all of you at SolarFest next weekend!


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