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World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car Makes Its Debut

Volkswagen’s limited production diesel-electric hybrid gets 260 mpg and emits one-tenth the greenhouse gas that the average U.S. car does.

By Zahra Hirji, InsideClimate News

Graphic Credit: Paul Horn/Inside Climate News

Graphic Credit: Paul Horn/Inside Climate News

The world’s most fuel-efficient car has just arrived on dealer lots in Germany and Austria, but don’t expect it to be sold in America anytime soon.

The Volkswagen XL 1, a diesel-electric hybrid, gets about 260 miles per gallon—meaning, a New York-to-Washington run would guzzle just about a gallon of diesel. Chevrolet’s all-electric Spark, America’s fuel economy leader, gets half that many miles per gallon. The average U.S. car gets 36 mpg.

The XL 1’s low carbon footprint is unrivaled among most car models—spewing 34 grams of carbon dioxide for each mile driven, compared to 10 times that from the typical U.S. car.

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