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By N. R. Mallery and M. Harrison, Green Energy Times Staff

Green Energy Times Staff trying out the Green Layer shirts. Here is Michelle Harrison, stretching for a run.

Green Energy Times Staff trying out the Green Layer shirts. Here is Michelle Harrison, stretching for a run.

Green Layer Sports offers environmentally conscious clothing options that you can actually feel good about wearing, as well as supporting — and get the performance you need.

The company states “Our mission has been to continually increase the environmentally responsible products in our collections with each season. We strive to shift the thought process of consumers into understanding that environmentally conscious products do not mean a sacrifice in performance, style, and comfort.”

Michelle, our “awesome sauce girl” here at Green Energy Times, is a runner and put the Women’s Evolution Long Sleeve Tee- Pink Glo that she received to the test. Here are some of her comments.

“The shirt washes well with no fading and is light weight… great for those border-line days when short sleeves may not be warm enough, but you do not want something heavy. It breathes well due to the soft, moisture-wicking fabric and makes a good base layer for the colder or rainy weather. The soft material prevents chafing.”

Nancy Rae Mallery on her solar-charged electric bike

Nancy Rae Mallery on her solar-charged electric bike

Green Layer claims “to create apparel for the athletes who are performance-driven, aesthetically-minded, and environmentally aware, and… their brand is about an evolution in performance apparel, simple aesthetics, and functional comfort.” Sounds like they passed the test with Michelle.

The publisher of G.E.T., who also is athletically oriented, tried out Green Layer’s Evolution Short Sleeve Tee – Bluefish. “The shirt is super lightweight and very comfortable to wear and definitely works great to keep you cool and comfy while riding a bike, hiking, walking, and even while paddling a kayak. Passes my test. Can’t wait to try out their organic tees and a hoodie next.”

Green Layer also has a casual-lifestyle apparel line that is made with the same quality and design simplicity, including hoodies, warm-up pants, and track jackets, all made with performance materials, integrating environmentally responsible fabrics, such as recycled polyester. Organic cotton is also used in their t-shirts.

Greenlayer was founded by former Division 1 swimmer and triathlete Kim Bilancio, and former elite triathlete and developer of competitive running’s top timing system, Arash Kia. You can learn more at

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