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News from SolarFest

Things are heating up here in SolarFest land. Sometimes it’s the little things that stand out, like the first batch of hay getting into the barn at the farm right before the rains came, or getting to meet new people at our first work day of the season last Saturday. We’ll be back at it every Saturday in June, so if you are interested in lending a hand on a work day, let Melissa know at

Just 4 Days left for Discounted Early Bird Weekend Passes. Now’s the time to make your move!

Songwriter Showcase Finalists have been announced! We have a line-up of outstanding singer songwriters fitting our 20th anniversary event. You can view complete bios on ALL the finalists on our website now!

Our Workshop Schedule is COMPLETE! Or very close to complete. We’ve added days & times to the schedule. We’ve got some Maker workshops to add in and we’ll be ready to close that book. It’s the best workshop line-up we can remember! You will want to carve out some time to peruse the offerings and plan to attend your favorites, but that part won’t be easy, there are SO many great topics to choose from.

NEW Opportunity!

SolarFest is organizing Street Teams! Street Teams work to help us with publicizing the event by putting up posters, flyers, handing out bookmarks, talking up SolarFest at events and promoting SolarFest on social media.

Want to help us out? Here’s what you can do:

1. Become a Street Team Member: help us spread the word at local events, on social media, and beyond. Just reply to this email.

2. Send us events suggestions: know of a farmers’ market, music on the green, or other local event that we should be at but can’t make it there yourself? Let us know, and we’ll work on getting someone there!

3. Pass this along to your friends: If you are interested in helping but can’t do it yourself please send in suggestions of friends we should ask, or ask them yourself.

For your help and effort you will be rewarded. We are offering discounts off full weekend passes to Street Team Members.  Email Malindi at for more complete information.

Other ways you can get involved with our 20th anniversary event:

Join our Volunteer community. We still need volunteers! It takes nearly 300 volunteers to keep our event running smoothly throughout the weekend. Please consider becoming a part of our volunteer community this year. Learn more here.

Become a Sponsor. We still have some great sponsor opportunities available. Include your branding on our Zero Waste stations, on a specialized Workshop track, sponsor our Songwriter Showcase, or Kid’s Corner. These are all high exposure venues and there is still a bit more time left to jump on board. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Join the SolarFest Mini Maker Faire®. We’re still accepting applications for our 2nd Annual SolarFest Mini Maker Faire®.  If you are interested in showing off one of your inventions, we’d love for you to fill out an application. Click here for more details.

Last Chance to become a Vendor or Exhibitor. We are still taking vendors and exhibitors. We’d love to have you and your products on display for our attendees. If you are selling sustainable solutions, you won’t find a better place to find buyers than SolarFest. Come join the fun and do some business while you are at it. But don’t wait too long. The registration process will be closing soon.


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