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Granite State Solar has a message:

Solar Is Inexpensive

By Nancy Rae Mallery and George Harvey

“If you can afford your electric bill, you CAN afford to go solar,” says Alan Gauntt owner of Granite State Solar.

Granite State Solar’s team installing a 7.35 kW PV Solar System in Sutton NH.

Granite State Solar’s team installing a 7.35 kW PV Solar System in Sutton NH.

Granite State Solar is a local, professional small company based in North Sutton, New Hampshire. They provide both solar hot water and solar electricity systems for homes and businesses. Gauntt likes to keep projects regionally local, within New England, but prefers to keep them in his own backyard, around Sutton, New Hampshire and the surrounding communities.

Granite State has been in business since 2008. All the systems they build are designed, installed, and maintained by certified technicians and engineers. Gauntt’s own credentials go beyond certifications. They include, for example, being a consultant for the Natural Energy Group.

One Granite State Solar program currently in the works is to solarize Sutton, NH on a town-wide basis at a discounted cost to go solar. Gauntt intends to offer similar projects to surrounding towns, when Sutton is completed.

Granite State Solar has a goal of educating, as well as providing solutions. Gauntt wants people to understand that adding solar energy system to a home is one of the most rewarding investments one can make. Not only will it help generate clean energy and provide energy independence, it can also help save money, and increase the value of a home.

Owners of renewable energy improvements may be eligible to receive various solar rebates and solar incentives where available. Also, all tax-obligated U.S. homeowners are entitled to a solar Federal Tax Credit worth 30% of a system’s value. Granite State Solar will help on paperwork for these.

Payoff on systems installed by Granite State Solar is five to six years, with a monthly bill close to the current electric bill. The company is able to offer a system for 75¢ a watt less than many other groups due to Gauntt’s philosophy and desire to focus locally. As a family owned and operated business with low overhead he claims to be the ‘most inexpensive guy around.’ But, the low cost does not compromise in the quality of the installations.

Sutton, New Hampshire job completed.

Sutton, New Hampshire job completed.

Gauntt also wants people to understand the potential benefits from solar thermal. Anyone who uses large quantities of hot water, especially businesses, endure high fuel bills to do so. Solar thermal water systems can reduce utility bills by up to 70%.

Solar PV and thermal systems both reduce carbon footprints. Solar power cuts the need and use of fossil fuels, and they reduce the amount of site-generated, carbon-based greenhouse gases being released.

Duncan & Adrienne Domey, Wilmot NH have this to say of Granite State Solar:

“Thank you Granite State Solar! Solar panels are something that we long hoped to be able to do someday.” Granite State Solar and their team made that dream a reality. Prices have come down and there are a lot of incentives out there from government and utilities … a great deal on high-quality panels … We tell all our friends it’s a good time to go solar”

There is a lot of information on solar PVs and solar thermal systems at Granite State Solar’s website, Call them at (603) 748-4114.

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