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A Sustainable Summer!

Summer! What a great season we have in front of us. Let’s make it a summer of awareness and not forget the planet or our future while we are doing all of the summer things we do!

This issue is full of ways to accomplish just that – with our main feature all about Building Efficiently, which is one of the two big issues that we all need to tackle for a carbon-free future.

On the front cover, you will read just how some are tackling this problem with the efficient make-overs in Rutland, Vt. A cover article also helps to simply the IPCC Report and the climate mitigations that we need to take note of and DO something about.

Solar is feverishly moving forward with examples all over the region — beit on a community scale, homes, as well as businesses – it’s happening! We have a lot of great news about solar, wind and some exciting info for microhydro, for all of you with a potential site.

But, summer is not all about work. We must not forget to G.E.T. Outdoors! There are many topics that you might find interesting to help you survive the season that is upon us. Vacationing and playing locally is a great way to keep emissions lower. From hiking, to biking, camping, picnicing, swimming, it’s right here – where we live, and work. We ARE the ‘greener’ on the other side of the fence. Enjoy it. Ck out our Sustainable Sports section on pp. 38-39.

Please have fun responsibly, not only for the sake of a future, environmentally but
also with your own health in mind. Check out the sunscreen recipe on p. 35, and the tips throughout the It’s a Green Life … after all section in the back of this issue.

While I love sports, for me gardening also Brings me such contentment and wonderful organic food for the summer and winter that will be coming along. Our Agriculture section is full of great info you will enjoy and find helpful.

While we did not cover the terrible news about Michael Rupert’s passing, we do want to take a moment to honor the legendary life that he devoted to what he foresaw for our planet and our future before many of us even had a clue. I know that he was responsible for opening my eyes, from an old A.M. Coast to Coast a good 15 yrs ago. It made me cry with horror of the future that we are not facing. I only hope that he understood the impact he had on so many of us. If you never read his book , Collapse, I recommend reading it or watching the video. It was printed by our own local Chelsea Green Publishing Co.

Last but not least: G.E.T. going to SolarFest! Congratulations to them for 20-years of helping to advance solar in our state and beyond. It’s a great way to combine play and education and relax and dance the night away with music that will probably not let you stay seated out there under the stars. G.E.T. will be there this year and we are looking to help them celebrate all of their hard work and efforts. There is only one SolarFest. If you have never been there before, this is the year to make it happen!

Happy Sustainable Summer to you all!
My Best,
Nancy Rae

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