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A Note from Vermont Community Solar

Dear  Resilient Design Institute Community Members and friends,

Come visit us Wed June 11. 4-6pm

Vermont Community Solar is such a good deal that some people have trouble believing it’s for real. But we find that when someone actually comes to the site and meets the crew their disbelief vanishes. Vermont Community Solar is not theoretical. The panels are real. The people are real. It’s the real deal!

You REALLY can go solar, right now, and replace your never-ending electric bill with an equal or lesser loan payment. If you pay for electricity, you REALLY can afford it. Usually this will pay for itself in under 10 years, with 20 years of free electricity after that.

Our arrays are seasonably adjustable so your panels will generate 10 – 20% more power, Soveren Solar takes care of all cleaning, maintenance, and insurance so there is no additional costs. Since you own your panels from day one you would be eligible for the 30% federal incentives and as a business an additional 7% Vermont incentive, plus you can write off the equipment costs over 5 years with a 50% DEDUCTION IN THE FIRST YEAR.

So come take a look. The Soveren crew will be on site at 4 Precision Dr. in N. Springfield next Wednesday, June 11 from 4pm until 6 (later if we’re having fun!).

So come join us, and meet your panels-to-be…

And remember, if we sell out by June 16th EVERYONE gets a 25¢/watt rebate. That’s $1000 back for a 4kW system. Pretty sweet deal for encouraging your friends and to follow your lead, especially considering this is already BY FAR the best deal out there!

RSVP to, or give me a call at 802 579 9464.

Yours (really),

Teal Pulsifer
Project Manager
Soveren Solar, Inc. 

PS, please let the  SOVEREN  crew know you heard about Community Solar from this Solarize Putney announcement (if you did) and contact Daniel Hoviss for a free quote / prospectus tailored to your needs.

Daniel Hoviss

802 387 4141  / CELL 802 254 1410

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