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URGENT: The Senate Could Approve Keystone Today

We Love Our Land
Later today, the Senate’s Republican caucus (and a few Big Oil-intimidated Democrats) will try to bypass President Obama and force a vote on the Keystone XL pipeline – and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet could be the deciding factor.

Send a tweet to Senator Bennet and tell him to vote NO on #KeystoneXL.

You have just a few hours to make sure Senator Bennet asks the tough questions about the Keystone Pipeline before voting. How much refined oil from Keystone XL will actually stay in the United States? And how many permanent jobs will it create? (hint: only 35).

Let the Senator know that he needs to vote no on the Keystone XL pipeline.


Jesse Thomas, Digital Director

P.S. You can also call your own Senators and ask them to vote NO on Keystone XL – 855-644-6002.

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