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The SolarFest Mini Maker Faire – Creations Call

Are you someone who enjoys building things, taking things apart, making things work better, understanding how things work, or are you just someone who appreciates good old Yankee ingenuity?  If so, then the SolarFest Mini Maker Faire® is definitely something that you will want to be part of!

On Saturday July 19th and Sunday July 20th during the 20th annual SolarFest weekend the SolarFest Mini Maker Faire® will bring together regional Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts to learn from and be inspired by the creativity and innovation of Makers.  At the SolarFest Mini Maker Faire® you’ll find all sorts of interesting projects, technologies, ideas, innovations and smart, creative people actively creating a maker culture and displaying their creations in a show-and-tell format. The SolarFest Mini Maker Faire® is an interactive, hands-on community based learning experience that inspires everyone to become a Maker and connect to people and projects in their local community.  Come and talk with the Makers, learn about their creations and find your inspiration to create something.

If you have something you have created that you want to show off, then we want to hear from you!

The SolarFest Mini Maker Faire®

Call for Makers is NOW OPEN!

Click here to submit your Maker project!

You can find more information about the SolarFest Mini Maker Faire® at

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