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Stowe Community Solar Drive launched

RGS Energy and Sunward officially launched their Stowe Community Solar Drive on March 26 at the Stowe Energy & Climate Action Network (Stowe CAN) Green Drinks event. Stowe CAN supports RGS and Sunward’s efforts in helping Stowe citizens be proactive about the region’s energy and climate future.

The Community Solar Drive assists homeowners in financing solar energy systems. Through cooperative, bulk purchasing and installation efficiencies, homeowners and businesses can save 10 to 20% through a Community Solar Drive in comparison to standard installation costs. Monthly out-of-pocket costs can be 10 to 15% below current electric bills.

Here’s how the Stowe Community Solar Drive works. Sign up for a free solar site assessment: solar PV (electric) with RGS Energy at; solar thermal (hot water) with Sunward at An assessment starts with a phone call and then a home visit if it looks like solar will work. A detailed proposal will list the costs and estimated savings. When you’re ready to go, you’ll purchase an equipment kit from RGS Energy or Sunward. Your system will be installed.

A tiered pricing structure creates discounts for the community as more homes and businesses go solar. For each allotted amount of sales there will be a discount, but regardless of when you sign up you will get all the discounts from each tier of solar projects in the community.

The sign-up period lasts until June 30. Installations will go in from March to September. Rebates will be mailed in October.

Information: Tom Champlin, RGS Energy: 793-3853,

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