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Same Sun SOLAR POWERS Rutland County

RUTLAND, VT  – Same Sun of Vermont is holding a FREE event at the Paramount Theatre in Downtown Rutland to introduce a new program for individuals and business owners to go solar.  The event will take place on Thursday, June 5th from 4 PM until 7 PM and will be catered by Roots the Restaurant, with solar-produced wines selected by Same Sun Choice.

Exclusively for Rutland County, the program is designed to make solar installations affordable for small-scale users, with an already-low starting price having the potential to go even lower when participation levels reach certain points.

“This is true ownership, no leases no tricks, no selling energy credits.” said Philip Allen, co-owner of Same Sun, “However, now is the time to get the absolute best deal, and we can use our joint purchasing power to bring prices down further if enough people make the commitment.”

This promotion is timed to allow for installations to occur during 2014, so that home and business owners can take advantage of the 30% Renewable Energy Credit for this year.  Also, it has been announced that the current $0.06/kWh Gross Solar Credit available this year will reduce to $0.05/kWh next year.  Finally, it is unclear whether the small-scale state rebate program will continue pas the end of this year.

“There has been tremendous growth of solar in the past few years, but we’ve also seen some opposition to large-scale solar farms,” co-owner Marlene Allen added.  “With this program, we can offer small-scale users large-scale prices, and get the clean energy we need in a way that no one can be unhappy about.”

The promotion will run through the month of June, during which time the company’s normal $150 site evaluation fee will be waived.  By June 30th, all participants will be made aware of the final system cost.

Same Sun of Vermont, Inc., a solar design and installation company established in 2011 by Rutland Town residents Marlene & Philip Allen which is located at 24 Center Street, five doors from the historic Paramount Theatre.  Our business hours are 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and by appointment.  Find us online at

Marlene Lederman Allen
24 Center Street
Rutland, VT 05701
(802) 775-7900


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