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From CSWD:


Free Compost Demos, Live Music, Kids Activities, and Film at Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

CSWD and local partners are throwing a huge, FREE party for compost and you’re invited! We’ve got all kinds of fun for the kids, workshops and activities for adults, great munchies, live music, a cash bar, raffle prizes, great partner organizations to add to the fun, and a showing of Dirt! The Movie, which is touching, energizing, and changes how you regard the dirt underfoot that nurtures us all.

WHEN: Thursday, May 15, 3-9 pm
WHERE: Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center, 60 Lake Street, Burlington

3-5 pm

  • FREE kid’s activities and snacks

3-7 pm

4-5 pm

  • FREE backyard composting workshop – learn how to compost food scraps and yard trimmings in your own backyard.

5-7 pm

7-8:30 pm

  • FREE showing of Dirt! The Movie. We guarantee that however you feel now about the thin crust that sustains us, you will feel differently about it when you emerge from Dirt! The Movie. It’s funny and profound, and one of those rare documentaries that educates, energizes, and leaves you feeling good about what you can do in your daily life to be a better Earthling. Dirt! The Movie is an insightful, timely, and amazingly touching film, and features the famous “I Will Be A Hummingbird” sequence with Wangari Maathai.


  • Drawing for FREE raffle prizes

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