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Solarize Upper Valley Gears Up

By Allison E. Rogers Furbish

Solarize Upper Valley is off to a roaring start after very successful public launch events in all three of our participating communities − Thetford-Strafford, Cornish-Plainfield, and Lyme. We saw more than 250 interested residents at informational events, with more than 150 homeowners signing up for site visits from partner installers Catamount Solar, Solar Source, and RGS Energy.

Solarize Upper Valley is a new program from Vital Communities that aims to double the amount of residential solar PV by teaming up communities with solar PV installers for a series of 15-week outreach campaigns. The program is designed to connect residents with trustworthy resources offering competitive pricing to make the process of going solar as simple and rewarding as possible. Homeowners in the spring 2014 Solarize Upper Valley Communities have until June 30 to sign contracts and take advantage of special Solarize pricing.

Be sure to check online for Solarize news and events, to sign up for email updates, and to learn more about how to get involved. Website is

And if you don’t live in a current Solarize Upper Valley community, stay tuned – we’ll be recruiting communities this spring for the next round.

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