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Renewable Energy Vermont Announces Position on Vermont as a “Green Energy Corridor”

In response to several proposals to transmit energy from Vermont’s north and west to markets in southern New England, the REV board of directors today announced its support of a “Green Energy Corridor.”

While REV has not endorsed any specific proposal, the trade association favors projects that:

  • Transmit renewable energy only.
  • Provide a public good to Vermonters through support of our in-state clean energy development programs and infrastructure.
  • Prioritize delivery of energy to southern New England to provide Vermont’s in-state renewable industry opportunity for continued growth.

“Vermont has a long history of serving as a commercial conduit between our neighbors, and REV supports the evolution of that relationship to include renewable energy,” said board chair Thomas Hughes.  “Done right, these projects could help Vermont and the region reach our clean energy targets.”

REV strongly supports Vermont’s goal of supplying 90% of the state’s total energy needs in 2050 with renewable energy.

“Through the combination of conservation, efficiency and local renewables Vermont can achieve our goals,” said executive director Gabrielle Stebbins.  “It will be more difficult for our neighbors to do the same with their larger populations and greater energy demands.  That’s why it makes sense for Vermont to help by serving as a Green Energy Corridor between renewable energy supplies and demand.”

The full position paper can be accessed at:


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