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RE NewsGreetings REV!

Hello REV!

As spring begins to join us here in Vermont, REV remains highly active at the State House (they all finish up on May 9), in the Partnership Program, the Public Service Board (PSB), the Vermont System Planning Committee (VSPC) and more – on your behalf.  Scroll on down for specifics, and as always, feel free to pick up the phone and call REV, or send an e-mail if you have specific questions that we may be able to assist you with.  We look forward to making our way throughout the State over the next few months to meet with members in your own backyards to hear how business is going, what’s working, and what’s not – so expect to hear from us soon about these local Membership meetings – and please do plan on joining!

Thanks for all you do,

Gabrielle and the REV team

Read more at the website: RE News

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