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Monadnock Community Solar Initiative

— Progress Report

By Tracy Bartella

The Monadnock region’s first community solar project moved a step closer to becoming a reality as roughly 30 community members assembled March 13thin the Community Room at Antioch University for the Monadnock Community Solar Initiative’s (MCSi) inaugural meeting. Presentations were given by John Kondos of the Monadnock Sustainability Network (MSN) and the Antioch student team that has been working to organize the project. This meeting covered the basics of community solar and introduced a variety of legal models and case studies to consider as potential frameworks for MCSi’s structure.

Armed with new information, the attendees were then able to sign on to the project with varying levels of participation. Some joined a mailing list to stay informed of progress, others were interested in investing when the time is right, and a core group emerged that were willing to dedicate time and resources to help see the project through development and into implementation.

A follow-up meeting with this core group was held April 3rd. At this meeting, again facilitated by the Antioch team and MSN’s Kondos, discussion progressed into a deeper exploration of the benefits and drawbacks of potential legal frameworks in existence that have been used by community solar projects around the country. The community is enthusiastic and ready to pursue such a project locally, and the greatest challenge facing the group will be to find a model that fits the unique needs and circumstances of the Monadnock region.

Anyone that is interested in learning more or becoming involved in the project, or even becoming an additional member of the core organizing group, can contact Nikki Sauber at

Tracy Bartella is part of the Antioch University student project group that is working with the Monadnock Sustainability Network to initiate this community solar project in the Monadnock region.

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