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International Compost Awareness Week

May 4-11

How’s your garden?
Perhaps you need to amend your soil with a little compost? Or learn a trick or two to bring your compost pile to the next level?

Please join us for one or more events to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week.

WORKSHOP: “Extreme Home Composting”
Norwich (5/4)
Middlebury (5/6)
Jericho (5/7)

WEBINAR: “Extreme Home Composting”  
5/4 at 7:30pm, 5/6 at 10am, 5/7 at 6:30pm

WEBINAR – “The Power of Community Composting”
Monday, May 5th at 4pm

WORKSHOP: “Make Your Own Worm Bin
Thursday, May 8th at 5pm   

Event details here »
Event registration here »

COMPOST SPECIAL: Free bag of vermicompost with every yard of compost purchased
Saturday, May 10th 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Kid-focused – 9am, 11am, & 1pm
Technically-oriented – 10am & 2pm

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