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Happy Spring to You

It sure has been a long, hard winter here in the northeast – with snow up to my hips on the first day of Spring! By the time you read this, signs of spring should be popping up everywhere and perennials poking their noses up through the warming soils and the grass starting to turn green… With that thought in mind will come the realization that soon the lawnmowing chores will be upon us. We are really excited to share a great article about electric lawnmowers and really hope that many of you will choose to not use the fossil fuel burning, polluting, noisy lawnmowers that seem to be a constant hum wherever you go — all summer long. How i prefer to listen to the birds singing and noises of nature. I love riding and pushish my mowers that are easily kept charged from my own solar system. Read more on p. 38.

Our Agriculture section is full of all kinds of info to get you going during the growing season. Growing our own food is all part of how we will get to a sustainable future.

A great example of starting our children off right is really brought out in our education section — where you can read how The Nature of Things, a school in Nashua, NH, is setting the example, on page 33.

And with summer just ahead, so do the rising temperatures. If you were among the many new installations of the popular airsourced heat pumps in the region, you will be thrilled with the seemingly free benefit of that same system for cooling your home. It’s like getting a 2 for the price on 1 deal!

Construction season is starting. Be sure to read about who we are featuring in the Green Builders in our Midst series article on page 27. Don’t forget to include solar with that construction or renovation project. Getting to Know Your Solar Installers feature can help you in that department — on page 8. We have information on the new Net Metering BIll for VT and also updates on the solarize programs going on up and down the CT River Valley.

Our transportation section is definitely worth reading whether you choose to walk, ride a bike, or an energy efficient vehicle – lots of info to guide you along the way on pages 4, 5 & 6.

This is only a taste of what’s in store inside this issue of Green Energy TImes. And, speaking of taste we hope you enjoy our Dining & Lodging feature on pp. 20 & 21. You’ll learn about some great places that you will feel good to support while fillling your belly with local, fresh, organic food and drink — in places you may not know about. Happy eating, happy spring.

Until next time, if it’s not Too Late (as the cover states) … I wish you my best, Nancy R

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