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Electric Lawnmowers Lowdown

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The advantage of using electricity over fossil fuels for your outdoor power equipment is substantial. Switching to electric mowers has a major impact on lowering emissions as well as saving you money.

Two Lithium lawnmowing options. No gas or oil, no emissions, no maintenance, quiet…

Two Lithium lawnmowing options. No gas or oil, no emissions, no maintenance, quiet…

Outdoor power equipment such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, grass trimmers, farm tractors, ATVs, UTVs, etc., are all poorly regulated fossil-fuel- burning products. The EPA has put very little effort into regulating emissions on these products since they are not “on-road” vehicles. Some of this equipment has two-cycle gas engines that burn gas-and-oil mix. Due to this limited regulation, outdoor power vehicles have become the worst polluters and the least efficient products on the market today. Emissions are more than 30 times worse than on-road gas vehicles and efficiencies are down near 20%.

With the switch to electric, all of this completely changes!

Electric mowers are very quiet, and give off no fumes, so they are kinder to the user, neighborhood, and planet. They have are a long service life, no maintenance, and no need to buy and store flammable fuel.

The least expensive push mowers are reel mowers and are still available. Electric mowers that have cords to plug in have also been around for a long time, but have limitations. But you no longer need to be tied to that cord to take advantage of the benefits of an electric push mower. Today’s options for either walk-behind or riding battery-powered lawn mowers are improving all the time, as we move away from polluting fossil fuels.

Battery powered push mowers have now been around for a number of years, with power ranges from 24 to 48 volts. The higher voltage units are capable of running longer on a single charge, due to newer lithium-ion batteries.

Some corded walk-behind 12-amp electric lawnmowers that received good reviews are:

  • Remington – 19-inch – $220
  • Black & Decker – 19-inch – $240
  • Cub Cadet 19-inch – $250
  • GreenWorks 18-inch – $170

Battery-powered walk-behind lawnmowers with good reviews include:

  • Black & Decker SPCM1936 – 36 volt, lead-acid battery – $399
  • EarthWise 60120 – 24 volt, lead-acid battery – $249
  • WORX WG789 – 24 volt, lead-acid battery – $292
  • Recharge Ultralight – cordless, 36-volt, lithium-ion battery – $350

While electric riding mowers are not as available, there are few models on the market for home and commercial use. Hustler Equipment, offers the excellent Zeon 48-volt, 42-inch riding mowers — available locally AEBI New England in Alstead, New Hampshire. (603)835-2600.

For commercial use, Mean Green Mowers has lithium electric riders: a 60-inch zero turn, and a 48-inch stand-on model. This relatively new company is offering franchise opportunities that might bring them closer to home. This company is a member of the Green Building Council. Though the price tag seems high, without the cost for fuel and low operating costs of about 30¢ per hour for electricity, low maintenance, and zero emissions, the cost savings for a heavy duty machine of this quality might be well worth the investment – an investment for the future. We found them at

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