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Best Options for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles in 2014

By G.E.T. Staff

The folks at Kelley’s Blue Book have prepared a slide show of what they regard as the top picks for cars getting over 40 miles per gallon. Here, we give a short synopsis, giving only those cars in the top twenty having prices below $40,000.

It is noteworthy that all cars on our list are of three types, electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrids, and hybrids. There are no old-fashioned gas-powered cars on the list. In terms of equivalent fuel mileage, EVs placed highest, as a group, with plug-in hybrids following, and hybrids after that. In the tables below, they are ordered by first by type, and then by placement in the list of top twenty vehicles.

Electric Vehicles’ mileage for in city/highway, range
Chevrolet Spark 128/109 82
Honda Fit EV 132/105 82
Fiat 500e 122/108 87
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 126/99 62
Smart Fortwo Electric Drive 122/93 68
Ford Focus Electric 110/99 76
Nissan Leaf 126/101 84
Plug-in Hybrids’ mileage for electric/electric+gas, range for electric/electric+gas
Honda Accord Plug-in 115/46 13/557
Ford Fusion Energi 110/43 21/599
Ford C-Max Energi 100/43 21/599
Chevrolet Volt 98/37 38/342
Toyota Prius Plug-In 95/50 11/529
Hybrids’ mileage for city/highway
Toyota Prius C 53/46
Toyota Prius 51/48
Honda Accord Hybrid 50/45
Ford Fusion Hybrid 47/47
Ford C-Max Hybrid 45/40

It seems the age of the electric car and plug-in hybrid is upon us. Growth in manufacturing in the auto industry is almost entirely of these two types. In fact, some analysts say electric vehicles will dominate the market by 2020.

The New England market reflects that change. Beth Grappone of Grappone Automotive Group says she is amazed to see that they currently have over 145 new cars in their inventory that get over 40 mpg, including Toyotas, Mazdas, Fords and Hondas. Some of these have prices below $20,000. “The Toyota Prius continues to be the most popular fuel- efficient car but others such as the Ford C-Max, Ford Fusion and Mazda 3 have gained in popularity,” she says. She particularly likes the Prius V wagon, and also adds, “The cute Prius C is under $20,000 and gets 46 mpg on the highway and 53mpg in the city. Just think of the money you could save if you are a commuter.”

Grappone also pointed out that cars are not the only vehicles getting more fuel-efficient. She says Ford is coming out with the 2015 Ford F-150 that is 750 lbs. lighter than the 2014 model to meet higher fuel-efficiency standards.

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