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Integrated Solar Announces Annual Donation

Integrated solar 1Brattleboro, VT – Integrated Solar Application Corporation (“ISA”) has announced that Rescue, Inc. has been selected to receive a donation of a solar photovoltaic system.  This 6 kilowatt system will be installed on the roof of the Rescue, Inc. building at 541 Canal Street in Brattleboro.

The system will produce approximately 7,500 kilowatts hours of energy per year representing 18% of Rescue, Inc.’s annual consumption.  The system will be net metered thereby providing electricity directly when there is demand at the Rescue, Inc. building and providing credit for electricity sold back into the utility grid when production exceeds demand.  The system will include 24 solar panels each with 245 watts of power, a Snap-N-Rack flush mounted roofing system and 24 Enphase Microinverters.  The retail value of the installation is $24,000.

Integrated solar 3In December 2012 ISA became a Triple Bottom Line Company (“TBL”) through the creation of a Mission Statement and establishment of Business Principals.  A TBL Company manages its business for profit, people and the planet (the “Three Ps”).  ISA’s objective is to be financially, socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable.  ISA’s Mission Statement includes the following:

We endeavor to show through our actions how a sustainable future can occur.  Our offering of renewable energy products and services will contribute to the solutions toward solving climate change, environmental degradation and the many challenges associated therewith such as severe weather and emergency preparedness.  Our commitment to a Triple Bottom Line will guide our decision making to focus on Economic, Social and Environmental objectives, not just maximizing shareholder value.  Our local focus shall be consistent with the belief that a sustainable future requires thriving local economies that provide local products, services and jobs.

One of ISA’s Business Principals is to contribute 10% of its annual profits to a local community group or environmentally activist organization.  At a meeting held on February 21st ISA employees followed through with that commitment and voted on the award of the 2013 annual donation.  “By gifting a solar photovoltaic system ISA is recognizing the important contributions of Rescue, Inc. while at the same time encouraging the adoption of renewable energy technologies in our community” said Andrew Cay, President of ISA.

Rescue provides high quality, rapid response, emergency medical care and transportation services.  Rescue serves as a vital part of our community and supports the health and safety of all our community members.  Drew Hazelton, Rescue Chief of Operations said “We are very excited about this project and what it means to Rescue long term.  This stop toward renewable energy and long term cost savings will help us provide critical services for decades.”

ISA, founded in Brattleboro in 1975, specializes in solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, geothermal and small wind technologies.  For more information visit or call 802-257-7493.

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