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Solarize Norwich 2014 Campaign Launched

Through the two successful Solarize Norwich campaigns in 2012 and 2013, total residential solar PV capacity in Norwich has grown from about 143kW to 267kW — close to doubling! Their new goal is to top 400kW in 2014.

Once again they will be working with two Norwich-based firms, Norwich Technologies and Solaflect. The two companies have focused on reducing the costs related to the support and mounting structures for, respectively, roof- or ground-mounted fixed and pole-mounted tracking solar systems. Depending on your site, at least one of these set-ups is likely to be a good match.

The campaign includes a community solar option suitable for renters or homeowners whose sites are shady, making PV there not feasible.

This is another opportunity for Norwich residents to take action to cut both their personal energy bills and their carbon footprints. To learn more, contact Linda Gray (

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