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By Sarah Simonds

In the December issue of Green Energy Times, we announced Solarize Upper Valley, a new program from Vital Communities which teams up communities with local solar PV installers for a series of 15-week outreach campaigns aimed at doubling existing residential solar PV in each community.

Spring 2014 Solarize Upper Valley Communities were selected last month:

  • Solarize Cornish-Plainfield!
  • Solarize Lyme!
  • Solarize Strafford-Thetford!

The three communities will be reviewing bids and selecting their partner installers at the end of February.

Though Solarize Upper Valley will officially kick off in March, teams of community volunteers have already met to begin planning outreach activities between now and the June 30th program deadline. If you live in one of the Spring 2014 Solarize Upper Valley Communities, you can expect to learn more at town meeting.

The Spring 2014 Solarize Upper Valley Communities will each host a Solarize launch event in March, followed by workshops, open-houses, tables, posters and more. All this to connect residents with highly competitive pricing and trustworthy resources to make the process of going solar as simple and rewarding as possible.

Be sure to check online for upcoming Solarize news and events, to sign up for Solarize email updates, and to learn more about how to get involved.

Even if you don’t live in one of the Spring 2014 Solarize Communities, visit the Solarize Upper Valley website this spring for useful resources about solar energy opportunities in the Upper Valley, for individuals and communities alike. Questions? Contact Sarah Simonds:

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