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Solar is a Great Business Investment in VT!

Private businesses are often not able to look very long term for return on their investments. In this environment, investing in solar makes great business sense! Tax benefits are available to businesses that can pay for more than half of the system cost. This, in combination with recent changes to Vermont laws that mandate the benefits utilities must provide to business-owned solar systems, can provide for a five- to seven- year payback for business-owned solar systems. The life of a solar system is typically 30-plus years. Systems require little to no maintenance or repairs over their life. So, this provides many years of essentially free power after the investment is paid off!

Island Excavating Corporation, from Grand Isle, Vermont took advantage of the the tax benefits when they decided to go solar.

“After consulting with DC Energy and our accountant about a solar array for our business, we discovered that the tax benefits would pay for more than half of the system. This made ‘going solar’ an easy choice. We are extremely happy with the outcome, and the professionalism shown by DC Energy was outstanding,”  said Dolly Parizo, Island Excavating Corporation. See Green Energy Times, October, 2013, page 8, for the full story.

Reprinted with permission from Ben Gordesky, DC Energy Innovations of Burlington and North Hero, Vermont.

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