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REV Applauds Governor’s Support of the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF)

December 23, 2013

Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) applauds Governor Shumlin’s announcement of $5.2 million in support of the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF).

“Today’s announcement is good news for the Vermont economy,” said REV chair Thomas Hughes.   “Investing in the CEDF means more clean energy jobs, more energy security, and keeping more energy dollars in-state.”

“The state’s renewable energy businesses will continue to work with the Legislature and the Administration for long-term CEDF funding to assure Vermont continues creating more renewable energy and good local jobs.”

The CEDF has supported a broad array of renewable energy technologies – from residential solar projects to farm methane projects to new business start-ups.  Overall, the fund has had phenomenal success in growing Vermont’s economy. Hundreds of Vermont manufacturers, distributors and installers depend on the CEDF to stimulate the market for renewable energy investments.

Today’s announcement will speed Vermont’s transformation towards a renewable energy future.

Gabrielle Stebbins
Executive Director
Renewable Energy Vermont

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