Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Job Opportunity:

Deputy Director of the Vermont Energy Education Program

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The Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) is seeking a Deputy Director with experience in fund-raising, administration, planning, budgeting, science education and public relations.  VEEP is looking to strengthen and expand our existing programs, as we move to the next level of effectiveness and scope.  It is our expectation that the Deputy Director will be an effective leader who will transition over time from the Deputy Director to the Executive Director.

VEEP is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote energy literacy – a deep understanding of what energy and how to use it efficiently, and the ability to make energy choices that will result in a sustainable and vital economy and a healthy environment.  VEEP has provided hands-on/minds-on energy education experiences for teachers and students in grades K-12 throughout Vermont for 23 years. See more about VEEP at

For complete job description, see: Apply with resume & cover letter to by Dec. 27.

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