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Granite State Solar Explains How Affordable Solar Is in NH!

By G.E.T Staff

Granite State Solar was founded in 2008 by Alan Gauntt, whose background includes both large-scale commercial and residential renewable energy systems. Now, Teri Gaunt, Alan’s wife,  has joined him in the business as the business manager. The family-owned and operated solar installation business is based in Sutton NH near Lake Sunapee, and serves the entire state of New Hampshire.

A Granite State Solar installation in Wilmot, New Hampshire.

A Granite State Solar installation in Wilmot, New Hampshire.

Teri says, “Residents are starting to pay attention. Electricity rates are on the rise, but the good news is that due to incentives and rebates, the cost of installing residential solar systems has never been more affordable.” Until now, Granite Staters just haven’t realized how affordable PV solar can be, and the recent drop in the cost of solar equipment makes it more affordable for NH homeowners than ever before. The result is that the solar company spends much time teaching others the benefits and affordability of being green through solar energy.

Residents are entitled to receive a 30% tax incentive from the Federal Government. Additionally, the Public Utilities Commission of NH offers a rebate of up to $3,750. And, for those individuals with New Hampshire Electric Co-Op they may qualify for an additional $2,500!

Sustainable energy is one of the safest investments a homeowner can make, and this is true for many reasons. “The sun will continue to shine, making solar a proven and reliable resource for the future,” Gauntt points out, “and what many people don’t realize is that there is zero-down financing available to assist homeowners with the purchase a solar system that will equal less than the amount of their monthly electric bill, allowing people to feel better about their future both financially and environmentally.” The result is an increase in demand, and people are noticing new solar panels going up all around in the communities across the state, as the solar industry in New Hampshire responds to that demand.

Recently, GSS installed a photovoltaic solar system for a customer on a home in Campton NH. The customer had to repair the roof and decided to invest in solar at the same time, adding increased value to his home. They installed a 7.35 kW system consisting of 30 Canadian Solar 255W Monosilicon Panels on the roof of the garage.

“We project this system will produce about 9,082 kilowatt hours of electricity each year. It included 30 Enphase 215 Micro Inverters, and an Enphase real time monitoring system to track usage for the homeowner. This resident achieved an increased value in his home overnight while seeing instant cash savings on his electricity bill each month,” Teri Gaunt says.

“With all the compelling reasons for NH homeowners to acquire a solar power system, NH is certainly on the verge of something great and we are so glad our family to be a part of it!”

Granite State Solar’s website is at .

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  • Howard Gloddy

    I cannot get your website to open. Why is that? I live in Franklin, NH am I am interested in Solar electricity for my home.

  • Michelle Harrison

    Thank you for your interest. I just tried the link to Granite State Solar and it seems to work. It is I suggest to try it again and see if you have success. If not, please let us know! Thank you!

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