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Want a waste-free school?

We can help with that.

cswdDid you know that the average school wastes up to 48% of its food? Did you know the average student uses around 600 pounds of paper every year? No wonder that backpack is so heavy!

There are alternatives to all this waste. Some schools are already well down the pathway to saving resources (and money!) by setting up recycling and composting systems, or making the ones they have run more efficiently. There’s no time like the new year to resolve to schedule assemblies, classroom visits, and sustainability assessment appointments with CSWD’s School Outreach Coordinator, Johnny Powell.

Johnny will help you start second semester off right by helping you evaluate how much waste your school is creating. With fresh minds coming back from break, students and teachers will be excited to dive into new challenges, such as figuring out how to increase the amount of material their school recycles and composts, learning about landfills, and finding solutions that they will carry with them long after they toss their mortarboard into the air. Contact Johnny at to set up a time to explore the possibilities.

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