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UVM-GMP Announce Far-Reaching Initiative to Promote Vermont

University of Vermont President Tom Sullivan and Green Mountain Power CEO Mary Powell hold a press conference to announce an agreement that will promote educational, environmental and economic development growth in Vermont on Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Mountain Power and the University of Vermont announced today they have entered into an agreement that will promote educational, environmental and economic development growth in Vermont.

The agreement, which is set forth in a Memorandum of Understanding, codifies how GMP and the UVM will work with each other on variety of topics including “to advance the GMP Energy Innovation Center in Rutland.”

At a press conference on the UVM campus, GMP President and CEO Mary Powell and UVM President Tom Sullivan hailed the accord as an important milestone in the way that the public and private sector can cooperate to advance the interests of the State of Vermont.

“I am very pleased that as part of this agreement UVM will work with our Energy Innovation Center in Rutland to encourage new businesses in the energy and technology sector that will benefit the whole state,” Powell said. “I am very pleased that GMP will be able to tap into the important UVM pool of intellectual resources for our customers throughout the state.”

“For UVM,” Sullivan said, “this agreement is an important step in assisting in the transfer of University-created intellectual property for commercial use by Vermonters in their homes and businesses. UVM is eager to work with GMP to enhance our dual commitment to improve the educational, environmental and economic climate of Vermont, which is the latest modern-day example of what it means for UVM to be a Land Grant university.”

Under the Agreement announced today, UVM and GMP will use best efforts to work together to:

  • Create an on-going relationship with any appropriate public agency or private entity that will advance climate science, understanding of weather impacts on energy usage and related infrastructure, and the private economy to promote the general good of the state.
  • Establish and maintain in Rutland a research facility that will house these activities, and UVM will have a presence.
  • Establish an Energy Innovation Center Lecture Series that will include professors and lecturers from UVM who will focus on energy, efficiency, environment, and related economic growth.
  • Develop internships and cooperative learning opportunities for UVM students who are interested in renewable energy and the energy industry.
  • Create an opportunity for job-shadowing so UVM students can learn about job opportunities in renewable generation and energy technology.
  • Investigate renewable generation opportunities at UVM and collaborate to develop sustainable generation and associated educational opportunities for students and the general public.

While these new joint activities will be explored, UVM’s Electrical Engineering Department and GMP are already engaged with Sandia National Lab and IBM in the installation of the recently announced regional test center in Williston that will help improve solar technology for cold weather areas.

UVM is cooperating with GMP in collection of data concerning the production of small wind installations throughout the state to create a shared wind generation dashboard. UVM will connect its 10kw Bergey wind turbine to this project.

“These are examples of some of the joint projects already underway that makes this new formal and long-term cooperation agreement very timely. We are eager to continue our work on behalf of Vermont,” said Powell.

About the University of Vermont

The University of Vermont ( is a premier, small, student-centered research university preeminent in its comprehensive commitment to liberal education, environment, health, and public service.

About Green Mountain Power
Green Mountain Power ( generates, transmits, distributes and sells electricity in the state of Vermont. The company, which serves more than 250,000 customers, has set its vision to be the best small company in America.


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