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REV Board to outline 2020 renewables initiative at Expo Tuesday morning

Vermont’s renewable energy businesses will outline an initiative Tuesday morning that will put Vermont on a path to meeting 20 percent of its total energy needs with renewable energy by 2020.

The goal to be outlined by the Board of Directors of Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) and renewable energy business leaders will represent the first step in meeting the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan goal of 90 percent renewable by 2050.

The initiative, consistent with the state’s energy plan, will require electrifying our state’s transportation and thermal sectors.

Joining the event to discuss the energy, jobs, and local economic benefits of the initiative will be representatives of Vermont’s renewable energy business community and members of the REV Board.

WHAT: REV Board to outline 2020 renewables initiative

WHEN: Tuesday, October 29, 9:15 AM (immediately following plenary)

WHERE: Renewable Energy Vermont Conference EXPO HALL (ground floor), Front Right (just within) the Expo Hall, Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, South Burlington

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