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Renewable Energy Vermont response to Vermont Electric Co-op Position on Net-Metering

Renewable Energy Vermont response to Vermont Electric Co-op Tariff Filing

“The Vermont Electric Co-op proposal regarding net-metering drastically under-values the full benefits of renewable net metering, including its recent role in deferring one transmission upgrade representing a savings of $250 million to all Vermonters.  By valuing net metering substantially below retail rates, this proposal is assured to stop net metering by customers of all types – farmers, small businesses and homeowners — in the VEC service territory.  Ultimately, this slows Vermont’s progress in advancing green jobs, reaching climate change goals and in building local energy.”

Gabrielle Stebbins, Executive Director

Renewable Energy Vermont
(802) 229-0099

About Renewable Energy Vermont (REV)

REV is Vermont’s only non-profit, non-partisan renewable energy trade association working to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and expanding the availability of renewable sources of energy throughout the state and region.


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