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Keeping Up with Local Harvest

2 Cousins & Burrito Me are Working it Naturally!

By N.R. Mallery

Burrito Me in Plymouth, NH

Here we are in the midst of a great harvest season. What that means for Burrito Me, in both Laconia and Plymouth, NH, is that they are right in their element, doing what they do best – keeping it local, natural and healthy.

I stumbled upon this little gem about a year ago and look forward to any reason that puts me going to or through Plymouth, NH. It was love at first bite of the veggie burrito I ordered. In spite of the large portion, I could not put it down. Every bite simply said “Yum!”

Burrito Me’s background confirms much about why their food at is worth stopping in for.

Manager Sarah Hancock promotes healthy, fresh, and local, at the Plymouth, NH Burrito Me.

The Burrito Me taqueria was founded and owned by two cousins, Aaron and Reuben, opening in Laconia in February, 2010. The Plymouth restaurant opened in March, 2012. “Their philosophy is simple: fresh and local food is the healthiest and tastes the best. Their desire was to provide Laconia with good, fresh, and inexpensive food, using local ingredients whenever possible,” said Sarah Hancock, a manager at the Plymouth location. “This was just an extension of the values they exude in their home. Their families love the challenge of cooking from scratch using ingredients from their own gardens or from local farms and farmers’ markets.”

This love of cooking with local ingredients has led them to develop close relationships with local farmers, such as Arbutus Hill Farm and Picnic Rock Farm in Meredith, NH. These connections provide high-quality local ingredients for their restaurant, passing on the benefits of buying and eating locally to the people in the community. Locally sourced ingredients include tomatoes, tomatillos, lettuce, peppers, and summer, zucchini, and winter squash for their famous Harvest Habanero Salsa. Everything is made fresh daily. Aaron and Reuben have found that working with area vendors has allowed them access to better-tasting and harder-to-find foods and beers, building stronger connections in the communities, in addition to keeping the money local (and foregoing any need for a can opener).

Menu at Burrito Me

Though the Burrito Me menu is simple, it is ever evolving. Specials include roasted corn and black bean salsa, crispy chipotle pork, buffalo chicken tacos, and their most recent addition, the “All-American Burrito,” which has lines reaching out the door on Fridays! The 70 Main St., Plymouth location is open every day from 11 to 8 and Monday through Saturday from 11 to 8 at 9 Veterans Square in Laconia.

Whether you’re vegan or carnivore, you can support local, and make it healthy and yummy and fill your tummy with the generous portions at Burrito Me. I never go to Plymouth, NH without stopping in for their scrumptious fare and am thrilled to have found this little, local gem.

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