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A Vermont “State Bank”

A major improvement for Vermont’s economic and financial conditions and stability!

Lower taxes for all … repaired roads and bridges … better loan situations for small businesses … lower unemployment… an improved mortgage situation … and, a Vermont state budget surplus!

A Vermont  “State Bank” would make the above possible.

North Dakota has been the only state with a  “State Bank”  so far … With marvelous results for 12 years !

If the vote for a  “State Bank”  passes in many Vermont town meetings, and then passes in the Vermont legislature … Vermont will be the leader for the rest of the USA.

Please sign the petitions in your town.

To find out more about all this …

Please attend the informational meeting in Enosburg on Oct. 13 at 7pm, at the St. Mathews Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 323 Church Street.   Refreshments will be served.

Or, for an informational meeting closer to where you live … contact Gwendolyn Hallsmith at 802-851-7697, or via

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