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New resource for unleashing clean local energy

The CLEAN Resource Hub provides policy and program innovations for maximizing the wholesale distributed generation market segment

PALO ALTO, CA – Today, the Clean Coalition officially launched its CLEAN Resource Hub, which provides a wealth of free tools to help policymakers, utilities, and advocates expand the wholesale distributed generation market segment throughout the United States.

Wholesale distributed generation (WDG) refers to distributed energy systems that connect to the local distribution grid and deliver all their electricity to a utility for serving local energy demand.  Notably, WDG comprises the majority of renewable energy capacity deployed worldwide, and opening this market segment in the U.S. is key to a quick and cost-effective transition to clean energy.

Across the country, there is a growing focus on WDG.  Georgia Power, Long Island Power Authority, and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are among the latest utilities to initiate or expand CLEAN Programs (feed-in tariffs with streamlined interconnection procedures) to create hundreds of megawatts of WDG market opportunity.

The CLEAN Resource Hub leverages this momentum.  The Hub contains a wealth of information – including model policies, program design guides, and global best practices – to ensure that policymakers, utilities, and advocates have the tools they need to enact impactful policies and programs. 

“Global experience tells us that wholesale distributed generation is the key market segment for rapidly deploying cost-effective renewables,” said Ted Ko, Associate Executive Director of the Clean Coalition.  “The CLEAN Resource Hub, built on the Clean Coalition’s deep market experience, will ensure that communities across the U.S. can capitalize on this opportunity.”

On September 26, the Clean Coalition is hosting a webinar detailing how to access and utilize the CLEAN Resource Hub. Register here for this free event.

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