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Gasification Stove and Gasification Truck Party Open Invite

Merry and Nathan Puffer of Groton, VT are collaborating with my family to host an open Harvest Party on Saturday, Sept 21, 4:30- dark +. We are hosting a potluck to celebrate the Puffer’s business in Kenya producing low fuel input gasification stoves.  The stoves are built in Kenya in a small factory.

The company, Wisdom Stoves, is hoping to expand.  This party will celebrate the year’s harvest and look at how this business is evolving on another continent.

As a special attraction, Nathan Puffer’s wood-gasification 4×4 truck will be on display.  It runs on wood gas that it produces from small chunks of native hardwood. It’s an amazing creature of great versatility.  Nathan is planning on attempting a run up Mt. Washington at some point– a zenith activity for sure.

Directions:  5449 Main St, Newbury, VT 05051  See the signs in Newbury Village!

The website can be found by following this link: Wisdom Stoves

Questions: 802-866-5024

Kevin and Melanie Lawrence

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