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2013 Community Energy Awards

2013 Community Energy Awards at the VT Community Energy & Climate Action Conference



2013 Vermont Community Energy & Climate Action Conference

6th Annual Vermont Community Energy & Climate Action Conference Climate Action! Strengthening Connections and Advancing Total Energy Solutions

December 7, 2013   *    9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

More information about the Conference

Nominations needed for the VT Community Energy Awards!  

VECAN will once again present the Community Energy Awards at the conference. The Awards Committee is generating a list of nominees, and they want some suggestions from you. 

More information about the awards

2013 VT Community Energy & Climate Action Conference

This year’s VECAN conference is all about getting serious about climate action in Vermont by strengthening partnerships and advancing total energy solutions. The day offers 14 timely workshops, roundtable discussions on hot topics, tremendous networking opportunities and a fantastic keynote speaker — May Boeve, director of, who is an inspiring, motivated and powerful young climate leader.

Designed to inspire, support and grow the statewide network of town energy committees and other energy-ambitious Vermonters, this one-day conference emphasizes clean energy and climate action strategies that can be implemented locally. Workshops and roundtables will address energy efficiency, transportation, renewable energy, legislative action, coalition-building and other essential solutions needed to meet Vermont’s energy and climate goals. The conference will take place on Saturday, December 7 at the Lake Morey Inn in Fairlee, Vermont.

Cost for the day is $30 before Nov. 22, $40 after Nov. 22 and includes a largely local lunch. Mark your calendar for December 7, and prepare to dig in to help Vermont get serious about climate action and meet its ambitious but essential goal of getting 90 percent of our energy in 2050 with renewable energy.  Stay tuned to for all the details and please, spread the word!


VT Community Energy Awards

The Community Energy Awards recognize the great work accomplished by Vermont’s town energy committees and their leaders. The Awards Committee is looking for nominations in three categories:

–          Individual Energy Leadership Award

–          Best Overall Energy Committee Award

–          Best Project

Some of the criteria used for determining the award winners will include:

Individual Energy Leadership Award

–          Has demonstrated leadership on the issue of energy at the local level

–          Has been a catalyst, inspiring others to action

–          Has created a ripple effect resulting in energy savings or renewable energy development within and beyond the local community

Best Overall Energy Committee Award

–          Has a sustained history of numerous successful local energy projects

–          Has educated and engaged community members

–          Has opened up communications and partnered with various other community groups to accomplish tasks

Best Project Award

–          Project that achieved significant energy savings or produced significant renewable energy

–          Project impacted and involved the community

–          Project that is replicable by other communities

If you have a Leader, Committee or Project you would like to nominate, please send a brief description of your nominee to Keil Corey no later than October 11, 2013.

Nominations should include:

–          The category for which the nomination is being submitted (Individual, Committee, Project)

–          The name and contact information of the nominee (For committees, list committee chair.  For projects, list primary project organizer.)

–           A brief description of the nominee and why you think they are worthy of the VECAN Award.  Please address the criteria being considered for determining the winners.

–          Feel free to attach any news stories, articles, flyers, announcements, etc. that were created about or as a result of the nominee.

VECAN award winners will be notified of their award in early November and be asked to attend the Dec. 7, 2013 VT Community Energy & Climate Action Conference at Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee, where the awards will be presented.

If you have any questions about the VECAN awards or process, please contact Keil Corey, or 802-223-2328×118.

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