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Hot Air versus Wind

From Paul Burns, VPIRG Executive Director:

Did you hear Donald Trump refer to renewable wind energy as “a disaster for the environment” this morning on the radio?

Click here to send an email to give Scotland a  thumbs up in the face of Trump’s bullying!

Turns out “The Donald” is suing Scotland for—get this—giving a wind project the go-ahead because it would be visible from his new luxury hotel and golf course.

In his typical style, Trump is waging war on wind energy. His attack ad was finally pulled from the air because it was so misleading, and he’s repeatedly told the Scottish Parliament that Scotland “will go broke” if it keeps building all “of these monsters all over Scotland.”

Fortunately, the Scottish people aren’t likely to roll over for Trump.  On the radio this morning, a Member of Parliament said exactly what many listeners were thinking:

“If the Scottish government was to be distracted from that by, frankly, an arrogant bully like Mr. Trump, I think that would be a terrible shame, a terrible opportunity wasted,” Patrick Harvie says. “We should be pressing ahead with turning that renewable energy into reality.”

Well said. And now our fellow clean energy supporters in Scotland deserve a virtual pat on the back. Click here to send an email thanking Patrick Harvie for standing up for clean energy.

From record breaking rainfall here in Vermont to the incredible heat wave out West, we’re experiencing climate change right now.  We need more clean energy, not more inaction.  We need more Harvies, not more Trumps.

Let’s make sure Scotland knows we’ve got their back.


PS—Sometimes you can tell a great deal about an issue by looking at who’s for it and who’s against it.  In the face of President Obama’s call to action on climate change last week, Donald Trump’s opposition to renewable energy makes this one an easy call.  Thanks for taking this opportunity to give Scotland a  thumbs up in the face of Trump’s bullying!

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