Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

From the League of Conservation Voters:

President Obama announced a bold action plan to fight against climate change. Don’t let Big Oil and Dirty Coal block it. Send a message of support now >>

This is big. I mean, really big.

President Obama just threw down the gauntlet on climate change. Just minutes ago, I sat in the room with President Obama as he spoke to the nation and laid out a plan to address climate change, which includes directing the EPA to cut carbon pollution from all of our nation’s power plants — the nation’s largest source of climate change-inducing pollution — for the first time ever.

And what’s more? President Obama also said that the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will not be built if it increases carbon pollution.

But even though this is fantastic news for our climate, our health, and our environment, not everybody sees it that way.

It’s already clear that big polluters will do everything in their power to try to poison the Congress, the public, and the media with lies to undermine the power of this bold climate action plan.

We can’t let Big Oil and Dirty Coal block the most important climate action we’ve seen in years. Help us win the message battle over the next 72 hours by showing your support for the President’s climate plan now!

How we respond over the next 72 hours will determine whether the nation rallies around President Obama’s call to climate action or whether your elected officials get fooled by Big Oil and Dirty Coal’s propaganda and high-paid lobbyists.

We’ve already heard some of their talking points from their congressional cronies. Last week, before the announcement was even made, Speaker of the House John Boehner was telling his base that any plan to act on climate change would be “absolutely crazy.”

Well, you know what I think is crazy? Looking at scientific evidence that shows how serious the consequences of climate change will be for our families and future generations, and choosing to reject any plans to do something about it.

I think it would be pretty insane to oppose a strategy like President Obama’s climate action plan, which will help increase energy efficiency in our homes and help us get more energy from cleaner sources. But I wouldn’t put it past Speaker Boehner and the dirty energy industry’s other congressional lackeys to try and smear this common-sense plan.

If you agree with me and President Obama, raise your hand in support of sane, bold action to address climate change here >>

Over the next 72 hours, we will be talking to reporters, running ads all over the internet, creating a big buzz on social media, and staging rallies to show the huge amount of support there is for the President’s plan.

But it won’t mean anything if all our elected officials — from Congress to the White House — don’t hear from thousands of concerned individuals like you.

Nancy Rae, you’re the one who is going to make this plan into a reality.

So please take one moment to let your elected officials know that we have a moral obligation to future generations to leave them a planet that’s not polluted and damaged. Join President Obama in saying, “If Congress won’t act, I will.” Send your message here >>

We’ve got a lot of work ahead, but the future is looking cleaner and greener than ever.

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

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