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Flood Warnings

(You can blame climate change for this, if you want…)


COLCHESTER, VT…With the heavy rains that drenched Vermont over the past two days causing damage to roads and other infrastructure, Green Mountain Power’s hydro generation team is monitoring its 32 hydro stations and dams across the state.

“We are very focused on the four dams on the Lamoille River system, as water flows there are the highest so far,” said Dorothy Schnure, GMP corporate spokesperson. “Water levels as of Friday noon are above typical high spring levels. Systems are operating as designed; however, additional rains could change conditions and we want to ensure that we have taken all necessary and precautionary steps to protect public safety.”

Green Mountain Power has been in contact with Vermont Emergency Management as well as communities that could be affected by flooding near its dams. In Milton, GMP is working with Milton officials to notify residents along the Lamoille River to be aware of the potential that additional heavy rain could cause flooding.

“We are also closely monitoring hydro stations and dams on the Winooski River, the Passumpsic River, the Otter Creek in the Middlebury and Rutland regions, as well as other areas,” Schnure said. “With the forecast for more rain, we will continue the vigorous monitoring and inspections with crews scheduled throughout the weekend.”

Green Mountain Power advises people to stay away from the rivers and riverbanks. People should not attempt to use rivers for recreational purposes, as the warning barrels above dams can be washed out in high water conditions. Also, at this time the river is full of debris and cold water temperatures are dangerous.

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  • The flooding today is a reminder that climate change is roaring it’s ugly head and how much more important it is for each community to move into it’s own energy independence. As with Irene, a community can be cut right off from access in and out in just a few hours.  Right now most of VT is under a flood watch and 2 regions are under serious flood warnings, with more rain coming… Rte 15 is flooded with road washouts and 4 dams on the Lamoille River are under heavy watch by the Vermont Emergency Management and Green Mountain Power.

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